Businesspeople of all stripe lament the lack of grammar and punctuation knowledge in today’s business world. Our teachers may have had the best intentions, but more often than not, it just didn’t stick. As a result, more questions than answers seem to surround this, the foundation of good business writing.

The Textman Grammar & Punctuation workshop is a one- or two-day nuts-and-bolts class that unravels the mysteries of two of the most common problem areas for business writers. The class will help you avoid those all-too-frequent gaffs that tarnish your professional image. In classic Textman fashion, this course is fun and lively, and focuses its energy on those areas where businesspeople most often err. By applying a few basic rules and strategies, you’ll soon be on the road to clear, concise, and readable communication!

Note that Grammar & Punctuation can also be presented as intensive individual one-day workshops on either subject. I use a variety of interactive training methods to help you identify and overcome common problems and develop more confidence when writing.

What You Will Learn

  • Practical grammar and punctuation rules
  • The purpose of grammar
  • How to recognize the parts of speech and their uses
  • How to punctuate correctly
  • The use of punctuation in different types of writing
  • How to identify and construct different kinds of sentences
  • The correct use of active and passive verbs
  • Checking your writing for correct punctuation
  • Identify common errors that tarnish a writer’s image

Other Activities

  • Determine your own grammar/punctuation strengths and weaknesses through a pre- testUpdate your knowledge of current rules with numerous practice exercises.
  • Indulge in a series of exercises to correct grammar glitches and punctuation pitfalls
  • Correct writing samples to demonstrate understanding of essential rules
  • Demonstrate improvement in your skills through a post-test

Who Should Attend

This workshop is a useful back-to-basics refresher, and is suitable for anyone who feels unsure about the correct use of punctuation and grammar, two of the foundations of clean, efficient writing.

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