“I want more!”

— Robert Hogg, Lumina Management Consultants

Does Mike travel?

Of course he does!
Mike’s writing adventures have taken him all over the United States, Europe, and Canada. Mike’s programs can be tailored to any company in any industry. After all, the fundamentals of writing are the same no matter what business you’re in.

How long are Mike’s workshops?

As long as you need them to be. Mike not only specializes in interactive writing workshops, he also does keynote presentations on the perils and pitfalls of modern-day communication in the digital age.
Mike’s writing workshops are either one or two days long. For a one-day workshop, Mike likes to have between five and seven hours (the fee is the same regardless of the workshop length). Many clients take advantage of Mike’s wealth of expertise by hiring him for both a keynote presentation and a breakout workshop session, sometimes on the same topic, sometimes on completely different topics.
Mike’s keynote presentation can be adjusted to suit your scheduling needs, but typically lasts anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. One hour is the most common length for his standard keynotes.

We’re not sure which topic would be best for our group/needs?

No problem! Based on your company’s needs and goals, conference theme, or audience, Mike will suggest the perfect presentation for your group.
Mike also likes to customize his presentations, so if you see topics from some of his other presentations that you feel would benefit your group, then let Mike know, and he will be happy to mix and match program topics to find the perfect balance for your group.

How do we know the textman will be a match for us?

The last thing Mike wants to do is speak to a group that he is not a fit for. If Mike feels that he is not the best match (hard to imagine, but it might happen!) because of the topic or audience, he’ll be pleased to recommend other speakers, trainers, or speaker bureaus that may be able to help your group.

Does Mike have references?

Sure! Feel free to surf on over to Mike’s testimonials section to read quotes from his ever-growing client list. Mike will also be pleased to pass along testimonial letters from former clients.

Does Mike provide any resource materials?

For all his writing-related workshops Mike provides a binder stuffed full of course materials, worksheets, and tipsheets. If it’s more convenient for you, Mike can also provide these materials in electronic form.

How does Mike structure his fees? Will it be less expensive to hire him to work with us for only a few hours vs. a full day?

Your investment includes all preparation and customization, resource materials, door prizes, and, depending on the size of the audience, fun giveaways for audience members. Like most professional speakers, Mike does not charge based on an hourly rate, for a number of reasons:

  • It takes the same amount of preparation time (in fact, it usually takes longer to prepare for a shorter presentation!);
  • Booking even just a half hour engagement precludes Michael from booking another engagement for that entire day;
  • Ultimately you are paying for the expertise of the speaker and the value they bring to your company or conference. The value is based partly on the cumulative and extensive expertise, experience, and wisdom the speaker is bringing to you, combined with the potential long-term impact of the presentation.

Michael bills travel expenses whichever way you prefer to have them handled. He can either provide an itemized travel expense claim after the presentation is completed, or submit a flat, pro-rated travel fee built up front into his speaking fee.
Mike has three rates, one for a keynote presentation (up to 90 minutes), one for a full day (up to 7.5 hours), and one for two days (up to 15 hours).

Does Mike negotiate his fees?

Very, very rarely, and typically only if there is some exceptional reason to do so, or if Michael can trade services of an equivalent value to his fees.
Mike works with a number of clients and speaker bureaus, so in fairness to his former clients and those bureaus, he needs to keep his fee consistent for the great value he offers.

Any other questions?

If we haven’t answered all of your burning questions then please phone our office at 403.609.4431, or drop us an e-mail and we would be pleased to respond to any and all requests as quickly as possible. If Mike is not in the office, then his talented and beautiful assistant will be able to help you.
Remember to download Mike’s complete information package for all the details on his keynote talks and writing workshops.


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