Excellent presentation! Engaging, entertaining, and very relevant.

— AGAIC 2015 Participant

A great refresher on the fundamentals of business writing which can be applied on a daily business. Mike is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter… it was so helpful!

— Jameel Keshavic, Lumina Management Consultants

We are happy to highly recommend you to any organization looking to better connect with clients by making simple communication style improvements.

— Patricia Alderson, Arete Human Resources

Your commitment to your clients is second to none, and when it comes to helping businesspeople be more professional and effective writers, it is clear that you have earned the title “text man”!

— Mike Kerr, Professional Speaker and Author

You covered an unbelievable amount of valuable information in a one-day course… and it was all good!

— David Hubman, Facilities Supervisor, Town of Canmore

Michael made the workshop fun and engaging, and he shared many insightful experiences that helped me learn a host of business writing tips and tricks.

— Brian DePaoli, Canadian Mountain Cabins

Your many and varied activities were a perfect way to solidify the concepts you taught throughout the day. Your sense of humour is infectious, and who can argue with all the treats you tossed around? A fantastic way to spend a day!

— Ellen Thuringer, Manager, Parenting Resource Centre, Town of Canmore

Mike’s dedication to the written word is unparalleled. His presentations are relevant, hugely helpful, and most of all… fun!

— Bruce Millar, Lake O’Hara Lodge

You are a great presenter! You made the workshop fun. The topics were very relevant; I only wish we had more time. I have benefitted a lot by attending today’s session. Thank you!

— Amir Lakhani, Lumina Management Consultants

Mike is the finest presenter, writer, and teacher that I know.

— Les Stroud, Survivorman

Of course, I expected the workshop to be helpful for those of us who sometimes struggle with written communication, but I never expected the depth of topics one person could cover in a single day. You were incredible! It is clear to me that all businesspeople in all industries are, as you said, professional writers… and all would benefit greatly from taking one of your workshops.

— Ken Davies, Lumina Management Consultants

The Town of Canmore would recommend Mike Vlessides and the Business Writing Made Easy workshop to any organization looking to improve writing skills while having some fun along the way.

— Sally Caudill, PhD, Communication Coordinator, Town of Canmore

He was excellent at giving examples, engaging the room, allowing discussion but also respectfully moving on from participants’ comments.

— AGAIC 2015 Participant

I was delighted with the Textman Writing Workshops on communications in the workplace, namely Business Writing Made Easy and Essential Electronic Etiquette.

— Jane Neil, Program Coordinator, Bow Valley College



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