Think writing is just something your employees do from time to time?

Think again.

Today’s professionals write more than any generation in history. Unfortunately, few  of them do it well, affecting your bottom line:

  • Error-filled correspondence to your clients and customers only serve to erode their confidence. Eventually, they will take their business elsewhere.
  • Employees who can’t write efficiently miss deadlines, waste company time, and cost you money. Opportunities either slip and go to other companies or take much longer to procure than they need to.
  • Vague writing often leads to misinterpretation, which means you have to pour even more time and money to rectify the situation… sometimes in court.
  • Unimaginative, boilerplate proposals tend to ignore the specific needs of potential customers, which means they’ll go looking for another firm to give them what they really need.
  • Employees who lack confidence in their writing skills don’t contribute their suggestions, recommendations, and feedback. Their expertise is wasted.
  • When readers can’t understand poorly written e-mail, they respond with repeated questions, wasting everyone’s time and energy. Worse yet, they may ignore it altogether, leaving important projects hanging in limbo.

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