Business Writing Made Easy is the cornerstone of Textman Writing Workshops. This rousing, fun, and activity-filled one- or two-day workshop is designed to help everyone in your organization master the essentials of correct business usage so they can plan, write, and edit better than they ever thought possible. As a result they’ll produce better letters, memos, reports, and electronic messages in less time than they ever have.

Like every Textman workshop, Business Writing Made Easy is fun and fast-paced, so your employees won’t feel like they’re suffering through a dry high school English class.


You’ll learn expert tips and techniques that can be applied to any kind of writing, such as:

  • Strategies for planning and structuring your writing
  • How to write in clear, concise, and compelling language
  • How to write naturally and conversationally
  • How to define your purpose for writing and consider your readers’ needs
  • Strategies for employing style, structure, format, and tone for maximum impact
  • How to organize your writing with coherent paragraphs
  • The most common business writing mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to reduce the length of your business documents… and the length of time it takes to write them
  • How to package your writing for visual appeal and readability
  • How to master practical grammar and punctuation rules 

Workshop Format

  • 1- or 2-day class
  • Lively presentation punctuated by activities, group exercises, and interactive discussions
  • Participants plan, write, and edit their own work
  • Take-away tools and resources to help participants apply new skills and strategies

Take-Away Materials

100-page manual including:
  • Complete business writing curriculum covering the finer points of:
    • Prewriting
    • Tone
    • Outlining
    • Usage, style, mechanics
    • Clarity, conciseness, readability
    • Editing & revision
  • Many valuable tipsheets covering:
    • Common writing errors
    • Commonly misspelled words
    • Buzzwords to prune out of your writing
    • The most common mistakes business writers make
    • Business editing, proofreading, & revising
  • Dozens of exercises related to material covered during workshop

Observable Results

  • Proposals that appeal to readers
  • Dramatic increase between pre- and post-test scores
  • Clear, crisp writing projects delivered on time
  • Writing that is virtually free of errors
  • Letters that clients understand, appreciate, and respond favorably to
  • Less time spent on writing with greater impact
  • Reports that are easy to skim for key information, intelligently organized, and empathetic
  • User-friendly user manuals
  • Announcements that provide clear, complete information

Who Should Attend?

Businesspeople at all levels of employment who have concerns about writing and want to gain confidence and develop their skills.

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