Animated Figure On GlobeThe stories are all too common: A PR consultant is fired for a distasteful Tweet… A telecommunications giant loses a $2 million contract because of a misplaced comma… A senior manager loses his job because of inappropriate content in his professional emails… In the 21st century, business communication is as much about understanding the medium as it is about crafting the message.

That’s where Business Writing In The Digital Age comes in. A rousing, relevant, and interactive 90-minute keynote presentation, Business Writing In The Digital Age combines the essentials of good business writing with the electronic etiquette so often overlooked in today’s professional communication. Participants begin by mastering the foundations of correct business usage, allowing them to plan, write, and edit better than ever. But that’s just the beginning, for no 21st-century primer on business writing is complete without considering the media by which these messages are communicated.

Business Writing In The Digital Age ushers traditional business writing into the digital age, changing electronic business communication from an inefficient, career-limiting hindrance into a tool that’s productive, efficient, and manageable. Participants walk away with the expert techniques, insights, and rules of electronic etiquette that will make them more effective — and empathetic — electronic business communicators. From commas to colons, texting to social media, Business Writing In The Digital Age covers all the bases.

Audience members will see their career prospects grow as they communicate more clearly and professionally with their clients, colleagues, and suppliers. Companies will find that their once-muddy proposals are now crisp and tight, resulting in far greater conversion rates. Relationships soiled by inattention and ignorance are made right once again. Other learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding readers’ needs
  • Clear, crisp writing projects delivered on time
  • Error-free messages
  • Letters that clients understand, appreciate, and respond favorably to
  • Less time spent on writing with greater impact
  • Reports that are easy to skim for key information, intelligently organized, and empathetic
  • User-friendly user manuals
  • Announcements that provide clear, complete information
  • E-mail subject line refinement
  • Getting to the point
  • How to give instructions politely
  • One-screen messages
  • Professionalizing the look of electronic communication
  • Killing e-mail waste
  • How to reply, and to whom
  • Social networking dos and don’ts
  • Tasteful texting

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