Business Writing Made Easy is the cornerstone of Textman Writing Workshops. This rousing, fun, and activity-filledone- or two-day workshop is designed to help everyone in your organization master the essentials of correct business usage so they can plan, write, and edit better than they ever thought possible.

Essential Electronic Etiquette takes what can be an inefficient tool and makes it productive, efficient, and manageable. I’ll give you and your employees the expert techniques, insights, and rules of electronic etiquette that will make them more effective and empathetic communicators.

Business Writing In The Digital Age combines the essentials of good business writing with the electronic etiquette so often overlooked in today’s professional communication. Participants begin by mastering the foundations of correct business usage, allowing them to plan, write, and edit better than ever. But that’s just the beginning, for no 21st-century primer on business writing is complete without considering the media by which these messages are communicated, which is what makes this presentation different than anything else out there.

Grammar & Punctuation is a one- or two-day nuts-and-bolts workshop that unravels the mysteries of two of the most common problem areas for business writers. The class will help you avoid those all-too-frequent gaffs that tarnish your professional image.



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