Electronic communication is the today’s prevalent form of business communication. Unfortunately, most of your employees treat e-mail, texting, and social media as casual, friendly media, which may not always be appropriate in a professional setting. A baseline of poor writing skills is dumbed down even more.

Essential Electronic Etiquette takes what can be an inefficient tool and makes it productive, efficient, and manageable. I’ll give you and your employees the expert techniques, insights, and rules of electronic etiquette that will make them more effective and empathetic communicators.

Workshop Format

  • Full-day class
  • A full day of instruction allows us to dig deeply into the electronic communication patterns businesspeople have developed over the years, and how we can fit adapt those behaviors into a professional context. We’ll have lots of time to dig into discussions and exercises that apply the techniques we learn in class.

Techniques Presented

  • The three ‘Es’ of electronic communication: etiquette, efficiency, and empathy
  • When to communicate electronically and when not to
  • Tone and style
  • Organizing information to meet readers’ needs
  • Trimming messages to be as clear and concise as possible
  • Laying out information for understandability
  • Subjects lines
  • Polite instruction giving
  • Organizing and managing e-mails
  • Understanding the nuance of writing for a computer screen as they develop screen savvy

Take-Away Materials

  • Comprehensive binder of entire curriculum, plus examples, techniques, and tip sheets

Observable Results

  • Understanding your readers’ needs
  • Improving electronic communication efficiency
  • E-mail subject line refinement
  • Getting to the point
  • How to give instructions politely
  • One-screen messages
  • Professionalizing the look of electronic communication.
  • Killing e-mail waste.
  • How to reply, and to whom
  • Social networking dos and don’ts
  • Tasteful texting

Other Activities

  • Advantages and disadvantages of electronic communication
  • Share pet peeves about e-mail
  • How to turn e-mail junk into gems
  • Critique sample messages for reader reaction
  • Practice strategies for transferring workshop skills back to the workplace

Who Should Attend?

Essential Electronic Etiquette is designed for anyone concerned with the quality of electronic communication, and who wants to make it more concise, professional, and effective.

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